Saturday, June 2, 2012

Duck Tape Ring

Duck Tape

Step 1:  Cut the band.  It needs to be long enough to wrap around your finger and have some excess.  About 4 inches should be plenty.  

Step 2:  Trim off about 1/3 of the duct tape (hot dog style)  

Step 3:  Fold in half (hot dog style).  It maybe a little tricky because the tape does not want to fold in half.

Step 4:  Make sure that when you wrap it around your finger you have about 3/4 inch excess on both sides of duck tape. 

Step 5:  Using a small scrap of duck tape, tape the edges together.  Make sure that the ring band is not too tight.  It needs to be comfortable.  


 Step 6:  Fold the top in half.  This is the base of the flower where the petals will attach.  Double check that it is not going to be too tight on your finger.  Using the leftover tape, wrap it around the folded portion.

Step 7:  Cut out 20-30 squares the same size.  They can be small or large, but they must all be roughly the same size.

Step 8:  Fold the bottom corner of the square up almost the entire way. 

 Step 9:  Take the top right corner and fold it down leaving the sticky tape showing on the left side.

Step 10:  Begin by wrapping the first petal on to stem. 

Step 11:  Continue adding the petals to the flower.  Be cautious that you are not making the ring size too small.

Step 12:  Once you feel you have enough petals, determine if you would like one color or multiple colors to wrap around the bottom outside to help hold the petals together.

Finished Product

Note:  If your scissors get sticky, use rubbing alcohol and cotton ball to clean.

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