Monday, May 28, 2012

Beaded Bracelet

*14-20 Beads
*Heavy Duty Thread
*G-S Hypo Cement (glue)
*Measuring Tape
*2 Binder Clips (optional)
*Cardboard (optional)

Step 1:  Measure wrist.  Multiply that number by 4 and cut that many inches of the cording.

Step 2:  Cut about 2 yards of thread.  Thread your needle and match up the two ends.  Tie a knot.

Step 3:  Match the cording ends up.  Using the other end, place the thread on it and make a very small loop, no larger than a pea. 

Step 4:  Using the G-S Hypo Cement, carefully glue the thread knot as well as the cording knot to help keep secure.   You will probably want to wait about 5 minutes to let the glue dry a bit.  Make sure to put the lid immediately back on the glue.

Step 5:  Using binder clips, secure cording to cardboard, making sure to not secure the thread. Have the cording make a “V” shape.

Step 6:  We are now going to create a looping effect with our thread.  This step is optional.  If you do not want to do this, please skip to step 9.  This will also help secure the thread a bit more.  Begin by having the thread come up from the center.  Then take your needle and go under the left cording coming up through the center.  Pull the thread taut. 

Step 7:  Continue to loop, but this time go under the right side coming up through the center.

Step 8:  Continue looping on both sides for 4-6 loops.   Then secure with glue.

Step 9: With the thread coming up through the center of the cording, place a bead between the two cordings.  Take your needle and go under the left cording and through the bead.  Pull thread taut.

Step 10:  Continuing with the same bead, take your needle under the right side of the cording and through the bead. Pull the thread taut.

Step 11:  It should look something like this.  Continue steps 9 and 10 until you have enough beads (about 1 inch less than your wrist measurement).

Step 12:   When you have put all your beads on, use your needle and tie a knot
to secure the final bead.

Step 13:  Using steps 6-8, begin the looping process that was done prior to putting the beads on. 

Step 14:  Finish looping by taking the needle through the center of the looping making sure the needle is hidden in the center of the looping and did not come out the backside. Cut thread.

Step 15:  Begin tying the ends of the cording into knots. 

Step 16:  Continue knotting until the knot is large enough that it will go through the other end of the cording’s loop, but not easily come undone. 

Step 17:  Glue knot of thread and knot of cording to secure them.  Cut excess cording off.

  Step 18:  Place on wrist and slide knot into loop.


--Using glass beads may be a problem.  Some of the beads are sharp inside and tend to cut the thread.  
--Using leather cording will make it long lasting.  You can use cotton or hemp.  The hemp will wear down after time.

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