Saturday, June 2, 2012

Circle Flowers for Headband/Clips

*Fabric: Satin, Tulle, etc.
*Embellishments for center
*Headband or Clips
*Circle Template or Rotary Circle Cutter
*Glue Gun

Step 1:  Cut circles out in varying sizes.  The more layers you have the puffier your flower will look.  Have a minimum of 8 layers.  Here is a circle template.

Step 2:  Using a heat source, such as a tealight or gas range, begin melting the edges. I like to hold it above and let it melt.  I do not hold it too close to the flame.  Do not put the edge too close to the fire or it will burn (blacken) and melt too much.  Always use safety measures when working with fire.  Keep a cup of cold water nearby. 
Step 3:  It should look something like this.  Continue with all remaining circles excluding the tulle. 

Step 4:  Begin layering the petals in order by size.  Place the tulle in as well.

Step 5:  Using a needle and thread.  Tack the center of the flower by making an “X” stitch.  This stitch will hold the flower together.  It will also be hidden and not seen when embellishment is placed on to the flower. 

Step 6:  Put a dab of glue on the embellishment.

 Step 7:  Place embellishment in center of the flower covering the stitches. 

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