Saturday, August 4, 2012

Patriotic Banner

For one of my ladies craft nights, we decided to make a patriotic banner.  My first attempt wasn't so brilliant because I didn't measure my mantle before I went to sew.  So I just guessed.  The top picture shows my original.  Then I unpicked all the triangles and put them closer together.  I am not sure if I like it any better, but I am not unpicking it again. 

Supplies:  Fabric, you can get about 16 (front and back) flags out of 1 yard of fabric.
                Bias Tape
                Rotary Cutter and Mat

Instructions:  These are general instructions.
1.  We cut out triangles that were 8 inches across and 10 inches in length.  We used a rotary mat and cutter to make this process quick and easy.  You can also make a paper template to help with this as well.  Cut out as many as you would like.  Odd numbers look best to the eye.

2.  Sew the triangles in a "V" shape by leaving the top open and sewing the long sides of the triangles.  Sew about a 1/4".  Wrong sides should be together.

3.  Place the non-sewn edge of the triangles in the bias tape and evenly spaced and pin.  Decide how closely together you would like your triangles.  Sew along the edge of the bias tape catching both sides of the bias tape and the triangle.



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  2. Don't worry. You can make the Maple Leaf version of it just right for next year.