Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mitered Corner Baby Blanket

Mitered Corner Infant Blanket


1 yard flannel fabric (front)

1 ¼ yard flannel fabric (back)

Thread that matches back fabric

*Note: All seams are 3/8” unless otherwise stated.

Step 1:

Cut the two fabrics into squares. The front will be approximately 36”X36” and the back will be 45”X45”. These are approximate measurements.

Step 2: Using sewing pins, mark the middle on all 4 edges of both the front and the back.

Step 4: On this first side only leave a 6-8” opening somewhere near the center of the seam. Using pins, mark where you are going to put the opening. Sew this side seam 3/8” from the edge. Start ½” from the starting edge and finish ½” from the end edge. These ½” starting and endings are very important that they are done with precise measurements.

Step 5: Line up the next side of the fabrics at the center pins. Pin fabrics together. Start sewing where you ended and stop ½” from the end. You will have a bulk of fabric in the corner. This will be used later to make the mitered corners. Line up remaining sides in the same manner and sew in the same way. You should have extra fabric at each corner.

Step 6: Take fabric to the ironing board. With a seam gage or tape measure, measure an equal distance from the seam to the edge of the fabric on each side. If you pull the fabric it should lay flat and you will not need to measure the distance. Press seams toward outer edge. Press corner seams down so they make a mitered corner, with a straight line. When you are pressing the corner, you are creating a line to follow when you sew the corners. Press all of fabric front and back to eliminate any creases or puffiness.

Step 7: Take the fabric back to the sewing machine. Pull corner fabric out so it lies flat, line up small square corner edges, and turn so you can see the crease created in the ironing process. Sew in that crease from edge to corner area. Do not sew onto corner. Cut excess fabric away from each corner seam. (To within ½ - ¾”) Clip corners.

Step 8: Reach your hand in the opening and reverse the fabric. Poke each corner inside the blanket to create a sharp corner.

Step 9: Take blanket back to the ironing board and press, for sharp edges, and corners.

Step 10: At the sewing machine top stitch around the outside edges of the inside square to sew back to front and to sew the opening closed. Decorative stitches or ribbon may be used.

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  1. This is my favorite style of baby blanket! Thanks for the tutorial.